Applying to the B2B sector what has already been achieved in the inter-bank system

Accounting/ERP system user

Just few key questions:

  1. how much does manual document management annually cost for your company?
  2. how could you employ all the resources that you succeed to free thanks to a better automation between your accounting/ERP system and those of your customers and your suppliers?
  3. do you think possibile that your accounting/ERP system can a day dynamically interact with that one of your customers and suppliers without having to install new, different, complex and expensive software applications, or still asking expensive and rigid import/export procedures?
  4. do you think possible that such communication will happen in a way:
    • economic?
    • secure?
    • reliable?
    • flexible?
    • integrated with other application in your company?
    • verticalized following specific requirements of your company?

Members and the partners of the Mercury Consortium are working together in order to give the answers: making Mercury Service available as soon as possible.

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